Personal/Company Branding

Deji Onadeko:

He is a self discovery coach, presenter and Compere.

Activity: 3 months as a brand and social media manager.

  • We created, curated and monitored contents
  • Video editing and carousels designing
  • Followers Growth
  • Page Revamp
  • Working hashtags
  • Campaign management

Auntyshaggi :

She is an actress and online skit creator.

Activity: Over a year as Content and Brand Manager.

  • Created and scripted contents
  • Shot and edited videos/pictures
  • Managed Reputation
  • IG highlights design
  • Created voice over for skit videos
  • Social media Manager (IG and Twitter)

Doctor Jocvita:

She is a medical Doctor and Chess player.

Activity: Over 3 months as a brand and social media manager .

  • Branding and designing of contents
  • Creation of Content Calendar
  • Content Creation and Curation
  • Fanbase growth and followers growth
  • Page Revamp
  • Monthly Analytics and Reports

Bro Bouche :

He is a comic actor and skit maker.

Activity: 2 months as a social media manager.

  • Page Revamp
  • Creation of page highlights
  • YouTube profiling
  • Subscribers growth

Jeff South:

He is a recording artiste and song writer.

Activity: 3 months as a Social media manager and content creator.

  • Managed online presence
  • Managed social media pages
  • Followers growth
  • Created content calendar
  • Content creation and scripting
  • Monitored page engagement
  • Shot and edited personal videos
  • Managed online campaign for song promotion

Ms. Flawra:

She is a TV producer and baker.

Activity: 7 months as a Social media manager.

  • Page Revamp
  • IG highlights design
  • Post scheduling
  • Content ideas
  • Monitored Page engagement
  • Branded hashtags
  • Followers growth

Westy Baba:

He is an OAP and entertainer.

Activity: Over 6 months as a personal assistant and video editor.

  • Source for shoot locations
  • Reached out to casts
  • Shot and edited videos
  • Personal assistant


He is a recording artiste.

Activity: 5 months as a brand and social media manager.

  • Managed online music campaigns
  • Sourced/reached out to influencers
  • Managed online triller challenges
  • Handled IG page
  • Talent manager/Event strategist

IO Hairs:

An online hair store that sells all kinds of hair and wigs.

Activity: Brand strategist and consultant.

  • Logo designing
  • IG highlights design
  • Page Revamp
  • Complimentary cards & Bags designing
  • Followers growth
  • Sponsored Ads
  • Page engagement

PGM Homes:

A trusted real estate investment platform that provides the longest and affordable ownership plan in Nigeria.

Activity: Brand strategies and social media manager.

  • Logo touch up
  • Content calendar
  • Content creation
  • Graphics design
  • Branded Hashtags
  • Page engagement
  • Followers growth
  • Sponsored Ads

Hubz Logistics:

A company that offers complete range of logistics services .

Activity: Content Creator and Graphics designer.

  • Content plan and calendar
  • Content creation
  • Branding and  Graphics design
  • Caption and Hashtags

Modex Lounge

A restaurant and Lounge.

Activity: Social Media Manager.

  • Content plan
  • Content creation
  • Graphcs design
  • Followers growth
  • Page management
  • Page engagement
  • Branded Hashtags

Anike Naturals:

A natural skincare brand

Activity: Social media consultant.

  • Content plan/calendar
  • Branded Hashtags
  • Campaign management
  • Sourced/reached out to skincare bloggers